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This is Who We Are

There is no doubt that we are a very young club and whilst that has enormous upside in the long term we must be very careful on how we manage and develop our players today so that they can achieve their maximum potential as well as continue to enjoy the game and their time at the club.  This will not happen by accident nor will it happen simply by doing what we have done in the past.  As a club we believe that our future success rests in our ability and willingness to take the next step and change up the way that we go about our cricket.  


In studying the ways and methods of Premier clubs we believe that there is so much that we can achieve at our club by following in their footsteps. Likewise we must be ready now for the changes that are coming and ensure that our future on field leaders are ready and prepared to take on those roles.


We are supremely confident that what we have designed and put in place will deliver great benefits to the players and ultimately the success of the club.


For well over 25 years in this competition we have seen the same old approach to coaching and training and to be honest it is not effective.  It rarely teaches players that much and to be honest it gets pretty boring after a while.  As a club we believe it is time to change things up and to borrow from the methods in which Premier cricket clubs go about their business.


For this to happen we are changing up the way we approach coaching and this season have appointed a number of coaches in addition to designing a structured training plan for the season.

On Field Leadership

As we know this is Micks final season and as such we need to put in place a succession and transition plan.  It became obvious fairly quickly to Mick and the Executive that Steve Moore is the heir apparent to the role and we are delighted to advise that we have appointed Steve as our Vice Captain for the 2015/2016 season and Steve will take over as Captain of the 1ST XI in 2016/2017.


This season we will see Mick start to transition the Captaincy to Steve and in a number of games Steve will take on the role of Captain for the entire match.  Steve will also take on the role of T20 Captain for the coming season

Player Development

As a club we believe that the best thing we can do is actively develop our own players. Historically we have placed a great emphasis on programs to develop our juniors and quite rightly we are proud of our efforts in that area.  However not much happens once players progress out of junior ranks and this is an area that we must place a great deal of emphasis on.


We are delighted to announce that our development programs now include a very serious investment in our senior players as well as our junior players.

Selection Policy

We often hear terms bandied around such as a “youth policy” relating to selection.  To be honest this is a nonsensical approach and statement as it implies that we will just pick a bunch of kids at the expense of experienced players and in doing so we are happy to shoot ourselves in the feet by throwing away the opportunity to put our younger players in sides with those experienced players.  

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