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Women's Cricket

At Upwey we strongly believe that the guys should not have all the fun and for the last 2 seasons we have run a fantastic women's team in a very small competition.

Last season we had a fantastic time in a combined association womens competition and this coming 2022/23 season looks to be even more fun as the competition grows.

  • An existing competition where there will plenty of teams to play across 3 divisions ranging from entry level that we have been used to through to intermediate (full gear and a harder ball) and ultimately hard ball cricket when we get really advanced.

  • Matches on Sunday afternoons

  • Lots of fun still to be had and for those more advanced from the last few season a chance to get into a bit more serious cricket with full gear and a harder ball than the soft bouncy one.

  • The adulation and support of the senior players on a Sunday afternoon

  • Dedicated training throughout the season

  • Pre-season training if ever we are allowed out of the house

  • $50 subs for the season and a discount of $20 for every new player you bring to the club

  • Teams read out on Thursday nights

  • Scores read out Saturday nights

  • An amazing family friendly and diverse social environment

  • For ages 14 and above

  • For all abilities

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So if you would like to register to play just head to our registration page

If you would like to know more just fill out the contact form below and we will contact you and have a chat

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