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Player Development

As a club we believe that the best thing we can do is actively develop our own players. Historically we have placed a great emphasis on programs to develop our juniors and quite rightly we are proud of our efforts in that area.  However not much happens once players progress out of junior ranks and this is an area that we must place a great deal of emphasis on.


We are delighted to announce that our development programs now include a very serious investment in our senior players as well as our junior players.

Tiger Development Squad


The Tiger development squad consists of 10 young senior players who will undertake a 10 week development program from June through to well into our pre-season.  The squad consists of:


Bowling Squad

  • Ben Wood

  • Steve Strahan

  • Jake Lynch

Batting Squad

  • Steve Moore

  • Jake Evans

  • James Dobbie-Hayward

  • Damian Berenato

  • Steve Gannell

  • Jordan Tailby

  • Nick Brown

  • Mitch Hewitt


The players will be committing their time each Monday night from June onwards for 10 weeks to train under coaches Leigh Callander, Jason Arnberger and Richard Armstrong


Junior Academy Squad

A number of our more junior players have been placed in the newly formed FTGDCA Academy and will undergo a 14 week development program commencing on 2nd May.


  • Sam Vance

  • Stephen Capon

  • Jackson Brown

  • Jay Williams

  • Lachie Jansen


The Academy works on more than just their skills, it introduces them to match preparation, understanding the game as well as understanding their own game, fielding, diet and exercise.


Ongoing Junior Development

We have always placed a huge emphasis in developing our junior players over the off season and will continue to strive to do so.  Other junior sport and family commitments restricts a number of junior players being able to participate in these squads during those times.  Aside from our academy participants we are currently putting together a plan to fast track our junior development programs closer to the season as well as during the season.  We have a few months ahead of us to get this finalised and we will keep everyone updated once our plans have firmed up. 

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