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Our abbreviated history

The following information has been extracted from the 'Ferntree Gully News' (forerunner to the Mountain District Free Press) and supports the origin of the Upwey Cricket Club as a competition based team prior to joining the Ringwood District Cricket Association before the commencement of the 1931/32 season.

Research has revealed that the club was operating as a social cricket club in 1926/27, however it is likely that with the onset of the 1920's & 1930's Depression that the initial development of cricket in the Upwey area floundered or was sporadic until the formal commencement of competition based matches highlighted below. It seems that a group of cricketing men representing the Upwey district traveled to cricket grounds in the area from January 1927 to conclude social matches against their opponents, but that any 'club' went into recess shortly afterwards until the 'reformation' just before the 1931/32 season.

Upwey affiliated with the RDCA in 1931/32 & 1932/33 after which, it transferred to become a member of the Mountain District Cricket Association (MDCA) in 1933/34. The MDCA commenced in 1921/22 and remained the primary foothills cricket association until 1966/67 when the MDCA ceased operating. All the MDCA clubs, except for Olinda (1952/53), Menzies Creek (1963/64), Monbulk (1959/60), Tecoma (1954/55) and Belgrave (1967/68), all FTGDCA, chose to join the Yarra Valley Cricket Association.

Upwey continued to play in the MDCA between 1933/34 & 1951/52 with a period of recession during World War Two - 1941/42 to 1946/47 inclusive, before joining the FTGCA (now FTGDCA) in 1952/53. From 1948/49 until the conclusion of 1958/59 Upwey District Youth Club also had a cricket club in the area but they were absorbed by the Upwey Tecoma Cricket prior to the commencement of the 1959/60 FTGCA season.

We invite you know to explore our history and our achievements. Over the coming weeks, more and more of the menu buttons on this page will become enabled as we add our history. If you have any information, scorebooks or records that you believe will be of interest to us, please let us know.

Enjoy your history - The Executive and Committee of the Upwey Tecoma Cricket Club

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