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For well over 25 years in this competition we have seen the same old approach to coaching and training and to be honest it is not effective, it rarely teaches players that much and to be honest it gets pretty boring after a while.  As a club we believe it is time to change things up and to borrow from the methods in which Premier cricket clubs go about their business.


For this to happen we are broadening our coaching panel this season and will review how this has worked at the end of the season and tinker with it as necessary.


Our main aim here is to ensure that each week every player is fully aware of the training that will be occurring during the week and what to expect and what to prepare for.  Likewise, we want our time at training to be engaging, interesting and something that you actually look forward to.

Coaching Panel


We are moving away from a singular coach running everything and putting in place a coaching panel.


Coaching Panel


  • Coaching Consultant – Leigh Callander

  • Senior Coach – Mick Hewitt

  • Strength, Condition and Recovery – Steve Moore

  • Fielding Coach – Nick Whitty

  • Training Captain – tba


Project Coaches


  • Shane Cross

  • Dain Howe

  • Matthew Mulcahy

  • Brendan Heath

  • Leigh Bianchi

Coaching Consultant – We have appointed Leigh Callander as our part time Coaching Consultant.  Leigh is a level 3 High Performance coach and specialises in planning out training programs for a club.  Leigh will work with the rest of the coaching panel during the off season to design a training program that maximises the quality of our time at training as well as making training an enjoyable environment.  Leigh will also revisit the program with us at regular intervals throughout the season to review what is and isn’t working as well as changing up routines so that the training program remains fresh, interesting, fun and of value.


Senior Coach – the key role that we have asked Mick to fulfil this season is predominantly one on one coaching and teaching individual players.  The introduction of a training Captain, a training program as well as the coaching panel frees up time for a coach to put that time and effort into teaching and coaching and not the minute by minute organising training.


Strength, Conditioning and Recovery – One of the key opportunities that Steve has identified is the ability for us to better utilise our facilities to target strength and conditioning programs for players.  Steve will be working with players in the off season as well as throughout the season to help them achieve the physical condition that will best optimise their performance.  In addition Steve will be putting together recovery programs for the players throughout the season, some of which will be group activities.


Fielding Coach – this is an area of speciality that we want all of our players to be more than proficient in.  Nick as we know is an outstanding fielder and his background in baseball adds to his vast knowledge and expertise in fielding.  We are really thrilled that Nick has agreed to take on this role this season. As part of our overall program you can expect fielding to be a regular feature each week at training.


Project Coaches - The project coaches will each be given a couple of players to look after during the season.  Their role is to help those players understand their game, their batting or bowling plans and whatever else they need to develop.


Training Captain - Each week we expect to see that training will be organised in a number of areas with the training activities for each area well defined and well understood prior to you arriving at training.  The Training Captain will be fully versed in what is supposed to be happening that night and is a critical figure in how it runs, how long each session runs and who is where at the right time.  

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