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Selection Policy

We often hear terms bandied around such as a “youth policy” relating to selection.  To be honest this is a nonsensical approach and statement as it implies that we will just pick a bunch of kids at the expense of experienced players and in doing so we are happy to shoot ourselves in the feet by throwing away the opportunity to put our younger players in sides with those experienced players. 


It is fair to say that as a club we are firmly committed to the ongoing development of our younger players, but to do that we must carefully plan and manage their transition into senior cricket as well as ensuring that they fully understand the work they must do in order to achieve the next level.


Our more experienced senior players have an integral role to play in the development of our youth and one of those critical roles is to play alongside them.

We wish to make clear that this coming season that our selection policy is as follows:


“Players will be selected on merit - based upon their ability, performances, adherence to an agreed training plan and the role that they can add to a team on any particular match.”


Yes this may mean that in some matches when we have 5 players competing for 4 spots it makes sense for a player to go down a grade to get maximum time at the crease or with the ball rather than wander around aimlessly in a higher grade and getting nothing out of it.


Our promise to you is that our coaches and selection panel will always discuss this with you as part of our selection process (providing you are at training).


Does that mean that all selections will be agreed with by everyone – highly unlikely but that will never change.

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