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A New Scoreboard is on it's way

Upwey Community Bank

The Board of Dandenong Ranges Community Bank Group has supported two local clubs with a much-needed contribution to purchase a new electronic scoreboard.


“Following on from our major commitment to Upwey Tecoma Community Recreation and Sporting Hub facility in 2011, which came to fruition last year, and benefits over 20 user groups in the Upwey area, our Board has enthusiastically supported the project put forward by the football and cricket clubs that use this facility to purchase a new state of the art scoreboard and has committed $55K.   


“Both the Upwey Tecoma Football Netball Club and the Upwey Tecoma Cricket Club have been great supporters of our Company.  We are a business and, in order for us to give back to our communities, we need to have customers take out a loan, refinance an existing loan or open an account. It all adds up and both these clubs have been great advocates for our Upwey Community Bank® branch since we opened in 1998,” Senior Group Manager, Mike Fleming said.


President of the Upwey Tecoma Football Netball Club Craig Waters said “we are all extremely excited that this is soon to become a reality. Our existing scoreboard has been looking the worse for wear for many years now and we can’t wait to see the new Upwey Community Bank® scoreboard installed. We won’t need to get the binoculars out to see the score and we’ll be able to communicate effectively with our supporters.”


“The Upwey Tecoma Cricket Club can’t wait for the season to start as we’ll benefit so much from this new scoreboard.  Together with the new facility, we are certainly reaping the benefits of a lot of hard work from many and thank the Upwey Community Bank for their support – it’s outstanding,” Colin Capon, Cricket Club President said.

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