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Jay Williams to walk the Kokoda Trail - Duke of Edinburgh Award 2016

The Kokoda Track is 100 kilometres long, beginning at Owens' Corner near Port Moresby, traversing the steep Owen Stanley Range and ending at the small town of Kokoda, north of the mountains.  The track was created by native villagers and is the main route of transport and communications through the mountains.  It was the site of fierce battles in WWII between the Australians and the Japanese and resulted in 625 Australians being killed and over 1000 wounded

The Japanese landed near Gona on the north coast of Papua on 21 July 1942. In the next two months they drove the Australians and their Papuan allies back over the mountains towards Port Moresby, the Japanese objective. Port Moresby was vital to the defence of Australia. If they took Port Moresby the Japanese planned to begin a bombing offensive against north Queensland and, had they decided to invade Australia, the invasion would have been launched from Port Moresby. None of this came to pass. The Japanese approached to within 40 kilometres of their objective but the tide turned in September. Then the Australians, in a series of costly engagements, pushed the Japanese back the way they had come. By mid-November the Japanese were forced to abandon their plan to take Port Moresby. They retired to their north coast strongholds at Buna, Gona and Sanananda.

The Kokoda track region appears much as it did in 1942 when the Australian soldiers fought there. Along the track, trenches and rusted weapons can still be seen. There are almost none of the facilities a tourist might expect to find: no electricity, no shops, and each madly rushing stream is crossed by means of a simple log bridge. Following in the steps of the Australian soldiers remains a physically challenging task.

One of our junior players, Jay Williams has been selected as a recipient of the 2016 Duke of Edinburgh Award and as part of that programme will walk to Kokoda Trail this year in September over 10 days.   The award pays for much of the costs however Jay still needs to come up with around $2500 to cover additional expenses such as:

  • Hiking Boots

  • Appropriate clothing for the trek (lots of sets)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Back Pack

  • Thermal tops and bottoms

  • Enrolment fees to the award

  • Passports

  • Various immunisations 

We are reaching out to our members and supporters to see if we can help Jay achieve his dream and have the experience of a lifetime.  Donations and support can be made a number of ways:

  • Can we find someone who will sponsor Jay by providing the appropriate equipment and clothing for a 10 day trek of the Kokoda Trail

  • Can we individually donate a few dollars to help Jay

  • Can we pass the message on to our friends to see if they can support.

Donations can be made directly to the Cricket Club account and when the time gets closer we will pass the money on to Jay.

BSB: 633000

Acct No: 124022906

Acct Name:  Upwey Tecoma C.C

Please use reference "Jay Williams" when making a donation so we know the money is for Jay

We have also set up a crowd funding site which you can share amongst your friends via social media.  The link to the site is:

A great father/son combination

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