The Upwey Tecoma Cricket Club takes very seriously the health and well being of all of its member clubs, participants and supporters.  The FTGDCA Executive have deemed that due to the current pandemic and the uncertainty regarding the resumption of sport, every club will be required to develop and adopt a COVID Safety Plan and COVID Return to Sport Checklist.  In addition the club is required to appoint a club COVID Safety Officer to oversee the implementationof our plan and ensure that all club members are communicated with on an ongoing basis.

Our COVID-19 Safety Officer is Colin Capon and has completed the mandatory Department of Health Infection Control Training - COVID-19

As we get closer to the season we will communicate this out into our known protocols and restrictions etc as these are all still being formulated.


We encourage all participants and supporters to download the COVIDSafe App onto their phone

Return to Training Policy

When we return to train and until otherwise notified we are required to follow these rules.

  • You are required to check in each time you arrive at the club.  We have now rolled out the 1Breadcrumb application and app to be used.  All you need to do is load the app on your phone and the system will detect you when you arrive and ask you to check in.  Once you have checked in once it will be contactless the next time. QR codes are still available around the rooms if you don't load the app, but we really want all members to load it up and use it. 

  • If you do not have a phone - juniors to advise their coaches and they will manually register you - seniors to advise Plugger and he will manually register you.

  • When you arrive there will be hand sanitizer available, please apply it before you start training

  • Go to the groups you are assigned to and these are detailed on our Training Schedule page.  For seniors, each group will have a leader who will take you through what is required on that night.

  • We can only train in groups of up to 13 players

  • Players must remain in that group for the entire training session

  • If you are not involved in training you must wear a mask

  • Social distancing must be maintained so if not training please do not gather in groups.  Once training is completed, grab your gear and go home.

  • Bring your own filled water bottle