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Australian Cricket Institute Coaching Partnership

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We are very excited to have partnered with the Australian Cricket Institute and their Coach Assist Program for the coming season.  This program provides direct support and resources to our junior coaches as well as our junior players. 


As a club we are proud to invest in the support and development of our junior coaches and believe that the ACI is perfect for our needs.  On top of this each of our junior players will have access to a massive amount of online resources as well.

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How good is this?  Each of our junior coaches will get a login and a phone app that provides a weekly program for their age groups.  This includes video examples and options for bad weather.  

The task of creating training plans that are specific to an age group and are fun and interesting has now become far easier.

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But wait there is even more.  Our coaches will get regular online support and access to a vault of great resources, videos and other material.

They will also have access to live education sessions on zoom throughout the season.

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Our juniors will obviously benefit through their training.  But all of our registered juniors will get a login and access to the ACI Online Academy where they can view a huge range of training courses, videos

There will also be times where our players can join in a live Q&A session with professional cricketers and coaches.

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